Boa glasses stand (Gobran style)

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Fluffy bore glasses stand. Bore gently stores glasses while protecting the lens! Because it is a stand type, it can be taken out quickly and it is quick. Because the bottom is stable, it is hard to fall down! Because it can be placed in space saving than a horizontal glasses case, it is perfect for a desk! It is very convenient to have one in the living room or bedside, in the library and in the office. Two types of gobran tone and black.

  • ■Size11.5cm x 8.0cm x 12.5cm
    Packing Size:12 x 9 x 13cm
  • ■Weight70.0g
    Packing Weight:107g
  • ■MaterialsGobran tone: polyester, ABS resin
    Black: polyurethane, polyester, ABS resin
  • ■OriginChina

    A glasses stand that gently protects the lens with a fluffy bore. Gobran, black Because it is a stand type, it is easy to put in and out, and it can be taken out quickly and stored quickly. Because it is a wide bottom surface, it is stable and it is hard to fall down. Fluffy bore gently protects the lens of the glasses and stores it. Size about 8 x 11.5 x 12.5 cm in height If you put it in the desk or living room, the glasses will be replaced smoothly. You can easily put glasses in and out. Place it on your bedside and put it in place of your glasses. It can be stored quickly even before going to bed, and it prevents scratches on the lens while sleeping. Two types of gobran tone and black Gobran tone is elegant and fashionable classical design (the pattern varies slightly depending on the product depending on the convenience of the raw district court refusal) Black is easy to get used to where to put it in chic color