Regular imports NATURE REPUBLIC (public nature Li) S SOL emulsion b lotion 120 ml NK 0228

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[How to use]

Wash the lotion after (then) If you use the essence, lightly over your face with your fingers.
[Precautions on use]
-Your site have problems such as sores, cuts or rashes, eczema, rashes, politely ask.
And if it disagrees with your skin, please use. -Mtg, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and color loss, etc. (Vitiligo) or because it may exacerbate the symptoms and continue to use if abnormal darkening and hit sunlight on your skin you use, such as described above if the
We recommend that you consult a dermatologist. • Do not store the device in extremely hot or cold location, away from direct sunlight.

Korea is a popular cosmetic brand nature RI public LaTeX. Lecithin ingredients your skin smoothly. Soft texture, greasy, moisturizing and skin to grow.

  • ■Size5 x 5 x 18 cm
    Packing Size:5 × 5 × 19 cm
  • ■Weight245 g
    Packing Weight:260 g
  • ■OriginKorea

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