Packing Travel Clothes Organizer Bag

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It is perfect for 2-3 days traveling. It is such a good space saver. There ais a template that can teach you how to fold clothes to put in the bag. It can store for example 5 shirts, 1pair of pants, 1 skirt and 2 socks and 1hand towel (depends on the clothes).

  • ■SizeLength 25 x Width 34 x Height 1cm
    Packing Size:26 x 34 x 1 cm
  • ■WeightApprox. 235 g
    Packing Weight:242 g
  • ■MaterialsFabric: polyester, Bias: polypropylene, Illustration Board: polypropylene
  • ■SpecificationColor: Blue
  • ■AccessoryWith illustration Board
  • ■OriginChina

    Clothing can be stored in the compact travel case. 1 ~ 2-night travel and business. With illustrations of how to fold up, easy-to-understand guide Board with! (1) fold the clothes along the illustration Board. (2) in the middle of the body, pulling out the Board Guide to storage capacity Tops 5, pants 1 skirt 1 2 toe socks, handkerchiefs, one Height 25 x 34 cm. Tend to jumble and suitcase