Light aperture tape

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Product code 0217459


It is a light filled up a gap under the door aperture tape. Preventing winter draught, seize the chill of air conditioning in summer, available for all seasons. To prevent dust and pollen! Glow faintly in the dark, and light grey line is so easy to understand is the position of the door! Also as a landmark step on the stairway side OK. Easy-to-install rear seal type. Blocking the gap under the door and air conditioning efficiency!

  • ■Size4.1 about the width x length 91.5 x thickness 0.3 cm
    Packing Size:21 x 6 x 5 cm
  • ■WeightAbout 97 g
    Packing Weight:106 g
  • ■MaterialsVinyl chloride resin
  • ■OriginTaiwan

    Draught and cold air through the cooling effect! Also good as a landmark step on the stairway side Just put a cut to fit the width of the door!