Buena mouth community Pack

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Skin tightening facial moisturing ingredients such as placenta, hyaluronic acid, and isoflavone and osirift lift.

  • ■SizePacking Size:3 x 4 x 14 cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:72 g
  • ■SpecificationVendor: com life co., Ltd.
  • ■OriginJapan

    Moist lips feel older, tight pack. Around the mouth, looks older in the crease when the mouth was narrowed. Work well without a barrier on the lips, her mouth is important to care for. Extracted from oat ''osirift"adheres to the surface of the skin and the lift. Placenta, hyaluronic acids, isoflavones, including plant extracts gives moisture and plump the skin. Apply after conditioning your skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount to wind-up original area evenly and thinly. 10-dry out after 15 minutes then take off slowly. Then please arrange the skin in creams.