Burna Mouth Adhesion Pack

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Contains highmoisturizing ingredients such as Oshilift, placenta, hyaluronic acid, isoflavones, etc. that tighten and lift your skin.

  • ■Size3.0cm x 3.0cm x 14.0cm
    Packing Size:4 x 3 x 14cm
  • ■Weight60.9g
    Packing Weight:72g
  • ■SpecificationSold by: Como Life Co., Ltd.
  • ■OriginJapan
  • 50g

    Moisturizing adhesion pack in the mouth to feel the age. Around the mouth that looks old with wrinkles that can be done when the mouth is shabby. There is no sebum film on the lips, and it is important to take good care of the mouth that moves well. "Oshilift" extracted from the crow wheat adheres to the surface of the skin and lifts it. Plant extracts, including placenta, hyaluronic acid, and isoflavones, moisturize and plump the skin. After preparing your skin with lotion, apply an appropriate amount of water to the area of concern at the mouth and apply it uniformly thinly. After 10-15 minutes, dry thoroughly and then peel off slowly. After that, please prepare your skin with cream.