DRY-WAVE hip wall movable type hanging metal long SFL55

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About the [install height] Ensure that more than 650 mm from the part of the foot and the floor.
If you cannot secure the stopper, please ensure the more than 650 mm.

* For more information please check the instruction manual shipped with. * Takes mounting structure fasteners (screws, bolts and anchor) is sold separately. Purchase according to the substrate and method for mounting the fastener.

It is a 4 stage with slide features to change the height, back wall hanging hardware. In the slim and sleek design with high quality and corresponds to what.

  • ■SizeMaximum width from the wall: 537 mm, sliding pillar height: 897 mm
    Packing Size:16 x 11 x 98 cm
  • ■WeightTotal weight: 2600 g
    Packing Weight:3300 g
  • ■MaterialsArm: aluminum die-cast, sliding pillar: aluminum extrusions, caps: Polypropylene plastic
  • ■SpecificationTools needed for installation: drill and driver
  • ■OriginJapan