DRY WAVE Long type SFL55 for movable clothesdrying hardware for waist wall

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[About the height to be installed] Please secure more than 650mm from the part with the foot and the floor.
If this is not possible, recombine the stopper to ensure 650mm or more.

For details, please check the included instruction manual. Fasteners (screws, bolts, anchors) to be attached to the housing are sold separately. Please purchase a fastener according to the base and mounting method.

It is a clothes drying hardware for the waist wall that can change the height by the four-stage slide function. Slim, sophisticated, high design and reliable quality for any scene.

  • ■SizeMaximum width from the wall: 537mm, Slide column height: 897mm
    Packing Size:16 x 11 x 98cm
  • ■WeightTotal weight: 2600g
    Packing Weight:3300g
  • ■MaterialsArm: aluminum die casting, slide pillar: aluminum extruder, caps: polypropylene resin
  • ■SpecificationTools required for installation: electric drills, screwdrivers
  • ■OriginJapan
  • 2 bottles Instruction manual