Beautyworld nails ready to finish! BW Preps & gel cleanser 100 ml-6 Pack

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Please note:
-Don't use nails other than and outside its intended purpose.
-Allergy sufferers, people with skin, nails have not to use children. -Please note fully read and use out of your eyes and mouth.
Into your eyes or mouth, and immediately use and stop using and consult doctor immediately. -Be careful when using no liquid such as clothing and cover your clothes and thick aprons.
Make sure your not around pets and small children.
-Go place with fresh air immediately when you feel eye and throat irritation, feeling unwell, seek medical advice if necessary.
-With hands or skin, rinse with SOAP and water immediately.
-Use in must be well ventilated. -Do not use in the vicinity of open flames, storage, or extremely cold places, fire, hot and humid place.
May cause deformation, alteration.
-Flat cool place out of direct sunlight, close the CAP tightly after use, the kids reach out to, and keep it.
-Stop leak liquid and carry the risk. -Breakage, do not apply to an impossible burden.
You may be damaged.
● terms of use more discoloration, fading and quality degradation.
-Do not give to children under 7 years old.
-Never put in the mouth, lick.
-Please note containers could cause and the impact will be. -Stop chafed irritation due to the Constitution, so if you use now. Seek medical advice if remain itchy and inflamed.

It is a slime removing uncured gel, oil removal of nails to use Preps & gel cleanser.

  • ■SizePacking Size:9 x 16 x 14 cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:740 g
  • ■OriginChina

  • Manufacturer Information[Manufactured and distributed] Lucky trendy co., Ltd. [Publisher] Beautyworld co., Ltd. [Import] Lucky trendy co., Ltd.