Beauty World Gel Nail preparation and finish! ! BW Prep & Gel Cleanser 100ml Set of 6

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[Please note]
Please do not use other than nails and original purposes.
Those who have abnormalities in the nail, those with allergies, those with weak skin, children please do not use. Please be careful not to enter the eyes and mouth at the time of opening or use.
In the unlikely event that you enter your eyes or mouth, or if an abnormality appears during use, discontinue use and consult a specialist immediately. When using, please cover the clothes with a thick front hook, etc. careful not to put liquid on clothing.
Make sure there are no pets or small children around.
Feel irritation in the eyes and throat, or when you feel sick, immediately move to a place of fresh air, please get a doctor's diagnosis if necessary.
When attached to the hands and skin, please rinse immediately with soap and water.
Please be sure to use in a good place of ventilation. High temperature and humidity place, extremely low temperature place, or close to the fire, use in the vicinity of the fire, please stop storage.
There is a possibility of deformation and deterioration.
After use, close the cap firmly, please keep standing in a flat cool place that does not exposed to direct sunlight, a place that does not reach the child.
Please stop because there is a possibility that liquid leaks if you carry it. Do not pull strongly or put an unreasonable burden.
May be damaged.
Discoloration, discoloration and quality may deteriorate depending on the conditions of use.
Never give to children under the age of 7.
Lick or, please do not put absolutely in the mouth.
Please note that it will cause the container to break if you drop it or give an impact. Because it may be rashed by the constitution, please stop using immediately if you get rash. If itching or inflammation remains, seek medical advice.

It is a prep & gel cleanser that can be used to remove oil from your nails and remove uncured gels.

  • ■SizePacking Size:9 x 16 x 14cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:740g
  • ■OriginChina
  • 100ml x 6pcs set
  • Isopropanol

  • Manufacturer Information[Manufacturer and distributor] Lucky Trendy Co., Ltd. [Distributor] Beauty World Co., Ltd. [Importer] Lucky Trendy Co., Ltd.