Unscrew at the Beautyworld Remover softgels LT ofjel 12 g 

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* This products co., Ltd. is dedicated to lucky trendy manufactures UV light.

* Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells lucky trendy gel cleaner, UV light gel brushes "gel Remover", please.
[Precautions on saving]
-Do not leave open the CAP while you are using may harden the gel. -Replace the CAP securely wiping the gel to avoid liquid leakage after each use with containers around. The vessel, keep in cool and dry place. (Please keep with aluminum sheet. If you come off, cover with aluminum foil.

Please note:
-Don't use nails other than and outside its intended purpose.
-Allergy sufferers, people with skin, nails have not to use children. -Please note fully read and use out of your eyes and mouth.
Into your eyes or mouth, and immediately use and stop using and consult doctor immediately. -Be careful when using no liquid such as clothing and cover your clothes and thick aprons.
Make sure your not around pets and small children.
-Please note containers could cause and the impact will be.
-Go place with fresh air immediately when you feel eye and throat irritation, feeling unwell, seek medical advice if necessary.
-With hands or skin, rinse with SOAP and water immediately. -Stop chafed irritation due to the Constitution, so if you use now.
Seek medical advice if remain itchy and inflamed.
-Use in must be well ventilated. -Do not use in the vicinity of open flames, storage, or extremely cold places, fire, hot and humid place.
May cause deformation, alteration.
-Flat cool place out of direct sunlight and Cap tightly after every use, children reach out to, and keep it.
-Stop leak liquid and carry the risk. -Breakage, do not apply to an impossible burden.
You may be damaged.
● terms of use more discoloration, fading and quality degradation.
-Do not give to children under 7 years old. -Never put in the mouth, lick.

This is softkriaziell easy-to-handle unscrew in a gel remover. Puffy was hollowed, tsuyatsyanail is in the House!

  • ■SizePacking Size:7 x 15 x 4 cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:65 g
  • ■OriginChina

  • Manufacturer Information[Manufactured and distributed] Lucky trendy co., Ltd. [Publisher] Beautyworld co., Ltd. [Import] Lucky trendy co., Ltd.