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PAWZ (Pouz) Rubber Boots Easy Set! !
You can easily put on boots with one hand.
It is also suitable for women and women with weak grip strength in a shape that is easy to grip.

This product is a product dedicated to PAWZ (Pouz) rubber boots.
Please note that we do not support boots of other brands. Depending on the browser settings, the actual product and the appearance of the color and material may be different. Please understand in advance.

It is a mounting device for rubber boots that can be easily worn paWZ rubber boots. You can set the boots with one hand and make them wear easily, so you don''t have to worry about going for a walk.

  • ■SizePacking Size:7 x 22 x 37cm
  • ■Weight60g
    Packing Weight:105g
  • ■MaterialsPlastic
  • ■SpecificationFor L/XL sizes
  • ■OriginCanada