Petite Document Box Kitten Silhouette

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Product code 0217966


For organizing and storing detailed documents. A cute kitten pattern has been added to the small document box to stretch! In Jabara type, the machi spreads by the necessary amount up to about 2 to 18 cm and has a large capacity. Easy to use because it is self-reliant when stretched! It is ideal for storing point cards, passbooks, receipts and receipts, coupons and postcards. Because it is with lid and rubber, it is easy to carry, and it is recommended for going out and traveling! 8 pockets that can be sorted for a week. With 12 colorful indexes.

  • ■Size26.5cm x 14.0cm x 2.0cm Depth stretches up to 2 to 18cm
    Packing Size:27 x 14 x 2cm
  • ■Weight120.0g
    Packing Weight:130g
  • ■MaterialsPolypropylene, polyester
  • ■OriginChina

    Cute cat pattern appeared! To organize the detailed documents! Petite document box to stretch Large capacity spread by the amount necessary in Jabara type! Stretch and become independent! Size about 14 x 26.5cm When storing, it is fastened with rubber and compact! Reduced to about 2cm Easy to use because it is self-reliant when stretched! Stretchable up to about 18cm 8 pockets that can also be sorted for a week, easy to organize with 12 colorful index! Point card, receipt, cash card, receipt, passbook, coupon, medicine notebook, postcard, etc., perfect for organizing and storing detailed documents! Put it in your bag and go out! Easy to♪ carry with lid and rubber Recommended for overseas travel! The product manager is also actually using it, and it is very useful when traveling overseas. Passports, airline tickets, foreign currency, hotel receipts, regular medicines, etc. can be stored in one lump sum♪.