Fluffy hand pillow

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Recommended for those who have anxiety about finger joints, such as numbness, stiffness, spring fingers! It is a structure that does not fall even if the hand is spread because the finger is gripped and it spreads one by one, and the joint of the finger is gently loosened, and the thumb hole is♪ relaxed. Resilient granular gel and soft, soft, textured fabric has a sense of security as if you were holding hands, and it has a relaxing effect! It is also ideal for brain training and bedtime.

  • ■Size13.0cm x 12.0cm x 0.0cm
    Packing Size:13 x 12 x 4cm
  • ■Weight100.0g
    Packing Weight:105g
  • ■MaterialsFabric: Nylon, polyester, polyurethane
    Gel: TPR (thermoplastic elastomer)
  • ■OriginChina

    Hold your finger and stretch open. For those who have difficulty moving the joints of their hands, those with spring fingers, or those whose hands are cold. Because it uses a resilient granular gel and a fabric with a good touch, you can get a sense of security, such as holding hands. Soft and comfortable fabric. There is a thumb hole, and it does not fall even if the power to hold even if the finger is opened is weak. The contents are elastic and granular gel that fits well in the hand! Hold and stretch open! Hand washing OK. It is used for left and right. 1 piece.