Hook earrings pinachoco

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[Precautions on use] -For metal allergy please use. -When abnormalities on the skin while using this product, immediately stop using and please. -High-temperature location, such as a sauna, or may be used in very cold ski slopes and will cause burns or frostbite. -May be harmful to the body when infants and toddlers at bedtime takes care to do the heavy lifting, sports, etc., please use. -Damage and give a strong impact, etc.. -Keep away from children. -Peel just surface of metal plating is weakly to friction or sweat, your the color. -Stains, wipe with a soft cloth. -When you adjust wire position prior to use.

Traditional earrings to earlobe shapes is becoming clips of this product, in the hollow of the ear hook is used. Are less likely to fall a to wear began to ache, Silicon, to fit into the hollow of the ear is.

  • ■SizeW 12 x H29×D22mm (piece per ear)
    Packing Size:6 x 11 x 1 cm
  • ■Weight2 g (one per ear)
    Packing Weight:5 g
  • ■MaterialsPhosphorus bronze (plating), silicone, acrylic and plastic pearls
  • ■OriginJapan

    Not until now, new earrings. Can be used for some casual, simple, elegant design. This product is with the clip, in the hollow of the ear hook to use. And so far things can reduce pain when used significantly. In casual clothes, as an accent. In more formal attire. The classy and elegant look. Pearl curve slightly inward along the lines of the face. Fashionable in the combination of small and large Pearl. Usually served up from a party. D''lila star Combs can be used in many situations. Installation method: 1 white silicone part facing up, squeeze between the brackets around middle of the ear. 2. intact body and slide until the ear lobe and white silicone into the cavities on the earlobe. 3. Silicon part is hollow to fit on request basis. When you adjust the wire position prior to use.