Boatoy Petanco Bull Feet Small Dog Only

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Depending on the settings of the monitor, the actual product and the appearance of the color and material may be different.
Please understand in advance. There is a risk that it will swallow when a medium-sized or higher pet uses it.

It is a toy that sounds like a shakashaka when you bite. It is also recommended for kittens who play with toys and are♪ very happy to play with their dogs, and who don''t like to sing.

  • ■SizeWidth about 8.5 x Vertical about 7.5 x Thickness about 3.5cm
    Packing Size:8 x 8 x 4cm
  • ■WeightAbout 12g
    Packing Weight:14g
  • ■MaterialsAcrylic, polyester, polypropylene
  • ■OriginViet Nam