LUKAS Flavor Mascot Skull

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Product code 1025846 ~ 1025849


It is the mascot of the skull of fluffy drifting in the fragrance of the squash. Made of polyurethane, it feels soft and comfortable. There are two types: a short strap that connects to a mobile phone, etc., and a long strap (rubber type) that connects to the car''s car or bag. Please choose from four types.

  • ■SizeLength 65 x Horizontal 61 x Depth 29mm
    Packing Size:18 x 9 x 3cm
  • ■Weight17g
    Packing Weight:25g
  • ■MaterialsPolyurethane
  • ■AccessoryShort string strap Long rubber strap
  • ■OriginChina