Taketora Sofraurfur Navy-LL

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Product code 0947968


It is a ankle fixed band that applies the effect of figure eight. Moderate elasticity limits the shaking of the long-distance bone and provides stable pressure fixation. It is used for both left and right, and it is easy to attach and detach by hook-and-loop fastener bonding. Antibacterial processed.

  • ■SizeBand dimensions: 8 x 60cm
    Packing Size:7 x 6 x 4cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:80g
  • ■MaterialsPolyester, nylon, rayon, polyurethane (antibacterial processed) 
  • ■SpecificationHow to clean: Low water flow of the washing machine or hand washing recommended
  • ■OriginPhilippines