Reversible Keio Fukusa 408-20

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Product code 0828131 ~ 0828132


Because it is an important scene of an important person''s life, the invited side wants to pay attention to manners and attention. Fuku is an important item that is indispensable for the coronation ceremony. It is a convenient reversible type of puffiness that can be used for both Keio in one. Because it is a pocket type of modern style rather than an old-fashioned furoshiki wrapping type, it is easy to use and wrinkles are hard to attach.

  • ■Size210 x 130 x 20mm
    Packing Size:22 x 14 x 2 cm
  • ■WeightPacking Weight:130g
  • ■MaterialsPolyester, cardboard
  • ■OriginJapan