Terms of service

These Terms set forth the terms and conditions of use of this Site. Please read these Terms carefully and agree to them in their entirety before using this Site.

Article 1 (Application)
1. These Terms apply to the relationship between Users and the Company in connection with use of the Site.
2. By registering as a User in accordance with Article 7 (Registration), the User is deemed to have agreed to these Terms.
3. If there is any rule or individual agreement (hereinafter referred to as an “Individual Agreement, etc.”) posted on this Site other than these Rules, both these Terms and the Individual Agreement, etc. shall apply. If there is any discrepancy between these Terms and any Individual Agreement, the Individual Agreement shall apply.

Article 2 (Definitions)
The terms as used herein shall have the following meanings:                                          
(1) “Company” means Comolife Co., Ltd. 
(2) “Site” means “A&B World Trade,”a product purchase site operated by the Company. 
(3) “Terms” means the “A&B World Trade Terms of Use” setting forth the terms and conditions of use of this Site.
(4) “User(s)” means a corporation or an individual registered as a user of the Site in accordance with Article 7 (Registration).

Article 3 (Revision of these Temrs)
The Company may add provisions to or revise these Terms without Users’ prior consent, and Users are deemed to have agreed to these Terms after addition or revision.

Article 4 (Purchase of Products)
Users may purchase any product specified on the Site in accordance with these Terms.

Article 5 (Prohibition of Reproduction, Reposting, Processing or Unauthorized Use)
1. No User may reproduce, repost or process any contents (including videos, voice, texts and photographs) posted on the Site without the Company’s permission.
2. Contents under the preceding paragraph are the property of the Company or its suppliers, and no User may use the Contents without the Company’s permission. Users shall immediately stop posting the contents if so requested by the Company.

Article 6 (Discontinuation and Suspension of the Site)
1. The Company may discontinue or temporarily suspends all or any part of the services provided on this Site without prior notice to Users, should the Company think it necessary due to inspection, maintenance, accident, disaster or any other reason.
2. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by Users arising from the discontinuation or temporary suspension under the preceding paragraph.

Article 7 (Registration)
1. Any person who wishes to use the Site may apply for registration upon agreeing to comply with these Terms and providing certain information specified by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Registration Information”) by the method specified by the Company.
2. If the Company decides to accept an application for registration after reviewing the appropriateness of registration in accordance with the standards set by the Company, the Company will notify the applicant of its decision. Registration as a User shall be completed when the Company sends a notification to the applicant under this paragraph, and the User shall be able to use the Site under these Terms at that time.
3. The Company may refuse to register any person as a User if any of the following cases apply, and in that case, the Company has no obligation to disclose the reasons for refusal.
(1) If there is any false information, error or omission in any part or the entirety of the Registered Information;
(2) If the applicant is an individual (including the representative or substantial representative of a corporation) under 18 years of age;
(3) If the Company finds that the applicant falls under the definition of Anti-social Forces or has any relationship with Anti-social Forces;
(4) If the Company finds that the applicant has breached any contract with the Company in the past or that the applicant is affiliated with such person; or
(5) If the Company determines that the registration of the applicant is not appropriate.
4. Users accessing this Site are required to use Japanese and English only.

Article 8 (Change of Registration)
1. If any change to the individual or corporate name, representative, residential address, address of the head office, telephone number, email address, store URL, delivery address or any other Registered Information occurs, the User shall immediately change the Registered Information on this Site.
2. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages arising from Users’ failure to change Registered Information.

Article 9 (Management of ID and Password)
1. Each User shall be responsible for properly managing and storing his or her own ID and password, and shall not permit any third party to use them, or lend, assign, sell or purchase them to/from any third party.
2. Each User shall be solely responsible, and the Company shall assume no responsibility, for any loss arising from the inadequate management or erroneous use by the User, or use by a third party, of his/her/its ID or password.

Article 10 (Cancellation of Registration)
1. The Company may cancel registration of any User, if:
(1) the User delays in performing any payment obligation;
(2) the User breaches any one of the provisions of these Terms;
(3) the User's financial status deteriorates or is likely to deteriorate significantly;
(4) the User does not use the Site for 6 months or longer; 
(5) the User fails to respond to the Company’s communication for 30 days or longer;
(6) any of the events under Article 7, Paragraph 3 is applicable to the User; or
(7) the Company determines that the User is not an appropriate User.
2. If a User falls under any of the items under the preceding paragraph, all obligations of the User become immediately due and payable and the User shall immediately pay all obligations in full.
3. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by any User arising from the cancellation under Paragraph 1.

Article 11 (Buy and Sell Agreement)
1. An order shall be finalized when a User orders a product on the Site and the Company sends Your order is completed email confirming the completion of the order to the email address specified in the User's Registered Information. A buy and sell agreement is deemed to have been concluded between the Company and the User at that time.
2. Users may not cancel, add to or change their order after the completion of the order.

Article 12 (Prices of Products and Invoice Amount)
1. The prices of products are shown in Japanese yen and exclude consumption taxes.
2. The order confirmation screen shows the invoice amount containing both the price of the product and shipping cost.
3. The invoice amount will not change even if the price of the product changes after the finalization of the order prior to the delivery. However, the Company may correct the invoice amount, if there was a clear error in the price of the product shown on the Site.
4. Customs duties and other taxes may arise, in addition to the invoice amount, at the time of customs clearance in the importing country.
5. An invoice, delivery slip or receipt will be issued only if the Company receives a request.

Article 13 (Indication of Scheduled Shipping Date)
The Company will try its best to provide Users with updates regarding the scheduled shipping date shown on the Site. However, the Company assumes no responsibility for any loss suffered by Users or any third party due to a change of the scheduled shipping date shown on the Site.

Article 14 (Cancellation of Accepted Order)
The Company may cancel an accepted order upon notice to the User, and the Company will assume no responsibility for damages arising from the cancellation, in the following cases. If:
(1) the Registration Information contained false information;
(2) the manufacturer or supplier of the product ordered discontinues production, suspends dealing with the product, goes bankrupt, or runs out of the product and, consequently, it becomes extremely difficult or impossible for the Company to deliver the product to the User;
(3) the ordered quantity is beyond the quantity secured by the Company;
(4) the User is unable to settle the payment by credit card or any other of the payment methods specified in Article 21;
(5) the Company determines that the User is not appropriate to be a User; or
(6) the Company determines that there is an unavoidable ground upon which to cancel the order.

Article 15 (Exclusion of Liability related to Product Information, etc.)
1. The size, weight, accessories and other specifications, packaging specifications and other information for the product shown on the Site is a machine translation based on the manufacturer’s information in the original language. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by Users arising from any error in the information provided by the manufacturer or any change to the manufacturer’s specifications or translation errors.
2. Any inquiry concerning products shall be made to the Company via email (contact@mail.abworldtrade.com).

Article 16 (Exclusion of Product Liability)
Unless the Company is the manufacturer, the manufacturer, not the Company, shall assume product liability arising from defects in products.

Article 17 (Shipping)
1. The Company ships products from the Company's distribution center to the address registered by the User. No change of shipping address will be accepted after finalization of the order. If the shipping address needs to be changed, the User shall complete the procedure to change the shipping address on the User Information Edit Screen prior to the finalization of the order.
2. The Company outsources shipping to a shipping company selected by the Company, and no other shipping company may be used.
3. Users may not instruct the Company to ship products for multiple orders together, as the Company ships products for each order. However, in order to make shipping more efficient, the Company may elect to ship products of multiple orders together, or ship products for a single order in installments.
4. The Company may change a shipping company depending on the order or combination of products ordered. In this case, no change will be made to the shipping cost shown on the order confirmation screen for a finalized order.
5. Users may check a shipping company (including a shipping company after a change made under Paragraph 4) and tracking number through email sent from the Company and the User's order history.
6. General terms of each shipping company shall apply to the shipping of products.
7. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, any loss, theft and other shipping trouble that occurs after shipping of the product by the Company prior to the receipt of the product by the User shall be covered by the Company, excluding cases such as confiscation, listed under Article 20, Paragraph 1.

Article 18 (Exclusion of Liability related to Delivery of Products)
The Company shall immediately notify the person who ordered a product of any delivery delay or non-delivery due to natural disaster, enactment, revision or abolishment of laws and regulations, accident, disposition by the exercise of public authority, bankruptcy of supplier, delivery delay by supplier, unexpected defects in the product or any other unavoidable reasons; provided, however, that the Company assumes no responsibility for damages in such event.

Article 19 (Refusal to Receive Products)
1. If the Company delivers the product ordered by a User to the shipping address registered by the User and the User or a person designated by the User (hereinafter referred to in this article as a “User, etc.”) refuses to receive the product, the User shall be responsible for all costs arising from such refusal.
2. If a product is not received within the storage period counting from the delivery date as specified by the shipping company, the User, etc., shall be deemed to have waived his/her/its ownership to the product and may not raise any objection even if the product is disposed of by the Company, and the User shall bear all related costs. In this case, the Company shall not be obliged to return the invoice amount already received by the Company.
3. In the cases of the preceding two paragraphs, neither the Company nor the shipping company shall be obliged to indemnify the User for direct or indirect damages arising therefrom, and assumes any responsibility whatsoever in relation thereto.

Article 20 (Customs Clearance)
1. Neither the Company nor the shipping company (hereinafter referred to in this article as the “Company, etc.”) shall be obliged to indemnify the User for direct or indirect damages arising from confiscation, return or any other measures (hereinafter referred to as “Confiscation, etc.”) made or taken by the customs office or other authorities in the importing country or state, and assume any responsibility whatsoever in relation thereto.
2. All costs arising from Confiscation, etc., (including shipping cost in the case of return of products) shall be borne by the User.
3. A User shall be solely responsible, and in no event shall the Company, etc., be responsible, for customs duties, value added tax, consumption tax and other taxes imposed on the products in the importing country or state.
4. A User shall be responsible, and in no event shall the Company, etc., be responsible, for the confirmation of the following matters related to the products in the importing country or state:
(1) Laws and regulations related to Confiscation, etc., and their operation;
(2) Customs duties, value added tax, consumption tax and other tax-related issues;
(3) Legal restrictions on the products containing chemicals, including cosmetics and detergent, and applicability of said restrictions to the products; or
(4) Whether or not the products infringe any patent, design, trademark or any other intellectual property rights in the importing country or state.

Article 21 (Payment)
1. A User shall pay the invoice amount for the product for which the order is finalized, shown on the order confirmation screen.
2. A User may select any of the following payment options for the invoice amount, provided that the User may not change the payment method after finalization of the order:
(1) Credit card, etc.
Visa, Master Card, JCB and other brand credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.
The credit limit set under the agreement between the User and the credit card company shall apply.
An exchange rate applied to the currency may vary depending on the credit card company.
(2) PayPal
A PayPal account holder may pay by PayPal.
The maximum amount for PayPal payment shall be 1,000,000 yen calculated at the exchange rate at the time of the order.
(3) Alipay
An Alipay individual account holder whose name has been verified by an ID card (居民身份征 in Chinese) for mainland China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) may use Alipay for payment.

Article 22 (Return and Refund)
1. Upon receiving the product, the User shall confirm that the correct product and quantity has been sent, the product is not damaged or stained, no items are missing from a set, and no other deficiency in or to the product is evident (hereinafter referred to as the “Product Deficiency, etc.”).
2. If there is no Product Deficiency, etc., no User may return or exchange the product for any reason.
3. If there is Product Deficiency, etc., the User may return or exchange the product by contacting the Company within 5 days of the receipt. However, if an email is not sent to the Company within 5 days, or if documents to be attached or explanations given are insufficient, or if the Company does not find that the product in question has any Product Deficiency, etc., given the characteristics of the product, the Company will not accept any return or exchange.
4. Email requesting a refund or return under the preceding paragraph shall include the following statement or attachment:
(1) photo data of the outside of the box as it was received;
(2) photo data of the invoice (containing the product the User wishes to return or refund);
(3) detailed explanation of the Product Deficiency, etc.; and
(4) photo data showing the Product Deficiency (2 photos from different angles).
5. If the Company finds, after receiving email under the preceding two paragraphs, that there is Product Deficiency, etc., then a refund will be made by the Company by the method notified by the Company via email, or the Company will ship non-defective product (or shortage) to the User. The shipping cost will be paid by the Company.

Article 23 (Prohibited Actions)
In using the Site, Users shall not engage in an act or behavior that falls under, or that the Company considers to fall under, any of the following actions:
(1) To violate laws and regulations, or to engage in any act that constitutes a criminal offense;
(2) To engage in any fraudulent or threatening act against the Company, other Users of the Site or any third party;
(3) To engage in any act that is contrary to public order or morals;
(4) To infringe intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy, reputation or any other rights and interests of the Company, Site, other Users or any third party;
(5) To send any information which contains or, according to the Company’s judgment, is likely to contain, any computer virus or any other harmful computer programs to the Company or Users of the Service, through the Site;
(6) To apply excess loads to the network or system of the Site;
(7) To engage in any act that is likely to interfere with the operation of the Site;
(8) To access or attempt to access the network or system of the Company without proper authorization;
(9) To pretend to be a third party;
(10) To use an ID or a password of another User of the Site;
(11) To provide benefits to Anti-social Forces or anyone similar thereto;
(12) To elicit or facilitate, whether directly or indirectly, any act under the preceding items; or
(13) To engage in any act the Company considers inappropriate.

Article 24 (Cancellation of Registration)
1. Any User may cancel his/her/its registration as a User by sending email to the Company at contact@mail.abworldtrade.com.
2. When canceling the registration, all obligation the User has to the Company, if any, shall become immediately due and payable, and the User shall immediately pay all such obligations to the Company in full.

Article 25 (Changes of Contents and Termination of the Site)
1. The Company may change any contents of the Site or terminate the Site for its own reasons. When terminating the Site, the Company will notify Users in advance.
2. The Company assumes no responsibility for damages suffered by any User arising from the measures taken by the Company under this article.

Article 26 (No Warranty and Waiver)
1. The Company makes no warranties as to the fitness of the Site for a specific purpose of a User, expected functions, commercial value or accuracy or usefulness of the Site, that the use by a User of the Site will comply with laws and regulations, internal rules of any industrial group or any other stipulations applicable to the User, or that no issue will arise from the use of the Site.
2. The Company has no obligation to indemnify any User for damages suffered by the User due to deletion or loss of email sent by the User to the Company, cancellation of registration as a User, loss of registered data by the use of the Site, malfunction or damage of devices, or any other issue related to the Site (hereinafter referred to as “User Damages”).
3. Even if the Company is found to be liable for any reason, the Company shall not be held liable for User Damages beyond the invoice amount of the product which directly caused the liability. Furthermore, the Company assumes no liability for incidental, indirect, special, future and consequential damages and lost profit.
4. In no event shall the Company be held liable for any transaction or dispute arising between a User and another User or a third party in relation to the Site.

Article 27 (Handling of User Information)
The Company handles, and Users consent that the Company handles, User information in accordance with the Privacy Policy (http://www.comolife.co.jp/jp/about/privacy.html).

Article 28 (Assignment of User Status)
No User shall assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of User status or rights and obligations under these Terms to any third party without the Company’s prior written approval.

Article 29 (Severability)
If any provision of these Terms or any part thereof is held to be invalid by law or otherwise, the remainder of these Temrs shall remain in full force and effect.

Article 30 (Recommended Environment)
1. To use the Site properly, Users need the browsers or plug-ins listed below.
2. The Site may not perform properly without the following recommended environment:
(1) Recommended OS and browser: After Windows7,After Mac OS X,After iOS 7,After Androi 4.1; Browser: Please use the most recent version of the browser.
(2) Mac [OS]: Mac OSX 10.10 or later; Browser: Please use the most recent version of the browser.
(3) Plug-ins: Adobe Reader is required to display PDF files.
(4) Please refer to the Adobe Reader download site.
(5) JavaScript: Please use Java Script. If Java Script is turned off, the Site may not perform properly or the content may not be properly displayed.
(6) Please enable JavaScript in the browser settings.
(7) Cookies: The Company uses cookies on the Site for some content. To ensure access to all content, please enable cookies in the browser settings.

Article 31 (Governing Law)
These Terms is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan without giving effect to any conflict of laws principles.

Article 32 (Jurisdiction of Court)
Any lawsuit in relation to these Terms or the use of the Site shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court as the court of the first instance.